Data Center Site Cleaning

Data Center Site Cleaning is a vital part of any data center maintenance program to ensure peak performance within the mission critical environment. By eliminating dust and dirt buildup, system reliability and uptime is increased. In addition, cleaning extends the life of servers and other electronic devices. Triente Technologies provides a comprehensive data center site cleaning service geared to begin once data center construction is complete and continue through the life of the facility. Triente’s technicians thoroughly clean above and below the raised floor paying particular attention to problem areas where dust and dirt accumulates.

Triente’s technicians provide three data center cleaning services: Exterior Hardware Cleaning, Tops of Floor Cleaning, and Under-floor / Ceiling Plenum Cleaning. These services are usually performed at scheduled intervals, ranging from once per day to once per week to once per month. These services are also provided to prepare a new data center for IT and facility equipment deployment after construction is completed.

Description of services:
  • Encapsulation of sub floor to eliminate concrete powdering
  • Systematic vacuuming to remove dirt, dust and contaminants
  • Antistatic cleaning and machine scrubbing of high pressure laminate raised floor surfaces
  • Damp wiping of environmental equipment and counter surfaces
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Ramp and tile floor landing waxing



Pre-Cleaning Walkthrough

Prior to the first cleaning, management personnel perform a walkthrough to gather specific cleaning requirements. Requirements range from which floor tiles will be removed for cleaning to which electrical outlets are designated as available for use by cleaning personnel. Detailed notes and procedures are then developed for use by cleaning staff.

Trained Technicians

All technicians have completed a comprehensive training program in data center cleaning, IT clean room, and IT cleaning services. For example, technicians are trained to never spray cleaning chemicals directly onto equipment and to use disposable wiping cloths treated with anti-static property chemical.

Data Center Specific Cleaning Equipment

Data center cleaning supplies are chosen based upon specific criteria. All tools, equipment, supplies, and chemicals are designed and recommended for data center cleaning and data center environments.

Customized Cleaning Schedules

Data centers become dirty at varied rates depending upon traffic patterns, personnel types, loading / unloading of equipment, etc. TT provides a variety of schedules customized to meet the requirements of clientele.

Customized Maintenance Plans

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are customized for each client including feedback from walkthroughs, specific requests made by clients, and other customer specific maintenance requirements.

Safety Procedures

Safety cones, tape, and wet floor signs are used where appropriate to protect client data center personnel and cleaning staff. Lose items are secured and never left on floors.

Regular Cleaning Management Reviews

Data center cleaning personnel are managed by professional data center management and operations personnel who have significant experience in data center preventive maintenance. Regular scheduled and unscheduled walkthroughs are performed to maintain quality of service.

Server & Comms Room Cleaning

The Importance of a Proactive Approach to Computer Room Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning


Contamination on and in IT equipment in computer rooms and server rooms will cause equipment to retain heat and cause unwanted downtime if not maintained. In addition, power requirements will increase as hardware works harder to keeps its environment cool a key issue within the computer room environment.

Triente Technologies takes an extensive approach to its computer room cleaning and server room cleaning services, which include cleaning of the subfloor void, floor surface buffing and cleaning of the equipment surface to provide a thorough preventive maintenance program for your computer room and ensures ISO 14644-1 Machine Room standards are met, in line with hardware manufacturer’s warranties.If your computer room has never been under a preventive maintenance program that includes cleaning, then an initial service site preparation may need to be performed.


This will include a clean of the subfloor void, floor and equipment surfaces, as well as the pedestal and stringer substructure to ensure that your computer room is as dust and contamination free as possible.


Triente Technologies uses only the most advanced and appropriate equipment available. In the computer room or server room, equipment surfaces are cleaned using takcloths, with highly interwoven fibres and where applicable vacuumed using three stage HEPA-filtered vacuums. In addition, the surface of the floor panels is cleaned using specialised anti-static equipment and solutions. Most hardware manufacturers including Cisco, IBM and HP recommend the subfloor void is cleaned twice per annum by a professional computer room cleaning company, especially if air flow is being directed through the floor void.

Post Data Centre Construction Clean

If your data centre has recently undergone expansion or is a new construction, then a complete post construction Specialist Deep Clean should be performed prior to any equipment being commissioned. A complete cleaning of the subfloor void, the raised floor surface, ceiling void and existing equipment, as well as any other surfaces, will remove all contamination to ensure a safe operating environment.

Due to new data centre technologies and its ongoing compaction, the volume of air needed to pass through equipment is steadily increasing, which amplifies the contamination risk. This has also created a need to gain and share a better understanding of data centre infrastructure

With early engagement and the opportunity to provide advice and recommend best practices Triente Technologies can safely, seamlessly and cost-effectively reduce the risks associated with environmental contamination. The company can provide the clinical clean needed to ensure handover to client is performed within project timescales and to the correct level of ISO cleanliness.

Why Decontaminate

Three facts dictate why data centres must operate an effective and ongoing decontamination strategy.

Firstly, airborne contamination is an inevitable part of our environment, generated by sources as diverse as nearby industrial plant, passing traffic and equipment within the data centre itself.

Secondly, this contamination can harm electronic equipment in many ways, causing loss of performance, wasted energy and even catastrophic failure.

And finally, equipment susceptibility to contamination is actually increasing as it becomes ever more densely packed.

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